The 3-Week Diet

The 3-Week Diet: Pros and Cons

This is a review article, not a sales letter. I will share with you both the pros and cons that I experienced with this product and leave you to make up your own mind. Click here to go to “The 3-Week Diet” website.

The 3-Week Diet

The 3-Week Diet

The Pros
1. Ebooks. I enjoyed having all of the material immediately, by way of four ebooks. This allowed for immediate access on my tablet, computer, and phone.

2. The Introduction Manual was filled with helpful information. It talked about how the ability to build habits in 21 days and be a little uncomfortable for 21 days inspired this three week program. The book talked about the body’s need for protein, cabs, and fat, during this diet. It also explained how this program avoids putting the body into starvation mode.

3. The Diet Manual walks you through the eating plan for each day of the three weeks. It talks about the importance of knowing your BMR (i.e., Basal Metabolic Rate) and planning around it.

4. The Workout Manual talks about very doable exercises. Walking, full body resistance, and mid-section exercises are explained in detail.

5. The Mindset and Motivational Manual was a pleasant surprise. I expected the diet manual and was not surprised by the workout manual. The mindset and motivational manual covered topics like “how to regroup,” after you have messed up with your eating or exercising. The topics of “written goals” and “journaling” are covered nicely.

6. The “Money Back Guarantee” was great for me. There are times when I have been afraid to try new programs, because they sounded too good to be true. But with this product, you have a 60 day review period, which allows you to go through the routine twice and then get your money back, if you are not satisfied.

The Cons
1. Intermittent Fasting was a challenge at first. I did not think that I could go without eating for a long period of time. However, two things should be noted. First, you should fast at your comfort level. If you cannot do 24 or 18 hours, 14 or 12 is better than 8 hours or less of fasting.

Second, if you have a strong enough reason to work on your health then you can put up with eating a little less (i.e., each day) for three weeks.

2. Lack of videos. Even though the material was well explained and even provided illustrations, a video may have given the product a little boost. It may have been an instructional video regarding the diet or the exercise.

So that is my honest review of “The 3-Week Diet.” Click here to go to look at the website.

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