Story of Robert Baines

Robert E. Baines, Jr. – Some Highlights From My Health Story

My name is Robert Baines, I was born in 1966 and am in pretty good shape today. I am 6 feet 1 inch tall, weigh about 222 lbs, with a waste of about 36 ½ inches. I have a good diet, exercise regularly, and work on keeping a health conscious mindset.

At my worse …
I weighed in at 250 lbs in 2010 (i.e., 43 years old). My greatest challenges at that time were poor eating and not enough exercising. I ate too many simply carbs, not enough vegetables. My water intake was too low. My favorite junk foods were Snickers candy bars, ice cream, pizza, Doritos, sweet potato pie, peach cobbler, fried chicken, friend fish, and diet Mountain Dew pop (smile).

Robert's Story

Robert’s Story

I walked about 30-45 minutes a day for three days a week. I probably had an average heart rate of 70% of my maximum heart rate. I did bench presses once or twice a week. I remember being about to bench my weight 7 to 10 times at my maximum.

During this time I suffered from acid reflex and some sleep apnea. I remember feeling sluggish (i.e., low in energy) on a number of occasions.

What got my attention …
I never looked terrible fat too myself. But when I weighed in during my annual doctor visit at 250 lbs., I felt almost embarrassed by the number. I reasoned within myself that if I add just one pound a year, by the time I reached 60, I would weigh around 270 lbs. This was absolutely unacceptable.

I do remember my father telling me that I was too big. But I dismissed that as his being too critical, since no one else was saying the same.

I had a young man in my church (Ricky Allen) who inspired me to be more health conscious. And of course the health consciousness of my wife (i.e., a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach) played a key role in helping me to focus.

When my father died of prostate cancer and multiple myeloma at the age of 64 (i.e., 2011), I really decided that I needed to focus in on my health.

My current attitude and actions …
Today, I am focused on healthy eating and exercising for at least the following three reasons: 1. It brings glory to God who gave me this body with which to serve Him; 2. I want to be able to enjoy my retirement; and 3. I want to be able to be an active grandparent with my grandchildren.

The following are some of the key parts of my daily eating habits: I drink at least three liters of water, eat at least five servings of vegetables, eat carbs and protein about every three hours, and limit simply cabs.

The following are some of the key parts of my weekly exercise routine: I do a full-body dumbbell and pushup routine three days a week, two 45 minute high/low cardio interval routines and a 1 hour power walk, and two full-body stretch routines.

My loves, fears, and hates …
I would love to make it to age 80 in good health, be around to see my grandchildren do well with their lives, and enjoy traveling around the world.

I fear that cancer, injury, diseases, and additives to my food are beyond my control.

I hate the idea that there are those who add unhealthy items to my food for the sake of profit. I hate the idea that my children and grandchildren may not be as health conscious as I am. I hate to see how unhealthy eating is often cheaper than healthy eating, which makes obesity and health issues more prevalent among the poor.

So, as you can see, I am not an elite athlete. I am a health conscious middle aged man who is on a journey aimed at seeing good health at the age of 80+ and want to share his wisdom with others.

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