Old School, New Body: Review Article

Old School, New Body: Pros and Cons

This is an honest review article, not a sales pitch. Click here to see that actual website. What follows are what I consider some of the pros and cons of the product, based on my use of the material.

Old School New Body

Old School New Body

1. Immediate Access. I really enjoyed how the product was on my computer in less than two minutes, after my purchase. The merchant software was very secure.

2. Money Back Guarantee. There is a 60 day money back guarantee, which is pretty nice. That means, if I did not like what I saw, I could have asked for my money back.

3. Releasing Growth Hormones. I really appreciated the discussion of how to release growth hormones with moderate weight lifting. At this point in my life, I am not trying to bench press 300 lbs. or be some great athlete. So, the idea of doing four sets of 10 reps for just four exercises was right up my ally. The secret is found in your pace.

4. Very Little Equipment. Two dumbbells is all that you really need. There is no need to purchase expensive equipment or go to the gym, if you don’t want to. I have done the basic exercises in a hotel room. There are other exercises that you can add to the basics, including interval cardio.

5. Motivational/Inspirational Audios. There were 5 audio downloads from fitness experts like Bill Phillips and Jennifer Nichole Lee. The material was helpful and mobile. I was able to listen on mp3 device, while taking my morning walk.

1. It Was Light On Dieting Material. The material on dieting was a little bland. It was good material presented in a somewhat boring manner. However, I purchased the product for exercising, not dieting. The dieting was a bonus.

2. Seven Ebooks. In addition to the 5 audios, there were 7 ebooks. At first that seemed like too much material. However, there is also a quick start ebook that allows you to read the basic information quickly. And then you can read in detail those areas that you want, if you want.

So, I had good results with this product and would give it two thumbs up. Click here to visit the website.

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