Can I Lose Weight By Drinking Water

Can I Lose Weight By Drinking Water?: A Straight Answer and Great Tips to Help You Get Enough But Not Too Much Water

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Can I lose weight by drinking water … On one hand, wouldn’t it be great if this was true? On the other hand, wouldn’t it be terrible to make yourself drink liter after liter of water for something that doesn’t work. In this article, you will learn the real answer to the question of the relationship between drinking water and weight loss, the rational for drinking the proper amount of water, and three great tips for daily water intake.

Can I Lose Weight By Drinking Water

Can I Lose Weight By Drinking Water

What is the answer? The answer is “no” and “yes.” If you mean does drinking water burn fat and make your weight magically disappear then the answer is “no.” If you mean is there a direct relationship between drinking recommended amounts of water and losing weight because you ingest fewer calories and improve your body functioning then the answer is “yes.” So I believe the answer is basically “yes,” even though technically “no.” Smile … how is that for a straight answer? Water should definitely be a part of your healthy eating habits.

According to, drinking water helps to boost your metabolism, cleanse your body of waste, helps the body to stop retaining water (weight), and acts as an appetite suppressant. If’s claim that you can cut 75 calories by drinking a glass a water before you eat a meal is true, you can lose 8 pounds a year, by just drinking a glass of water before breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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There is some debate about water being an appetite suppressant. However, there is more agreement that some people confuse thirst with hunger and eat, when they really should drink.

You can definitely lose weight by replacing sugar drinks with calorie free water. Adding lemon to your water may make it more palatable (less boring). The pectin in the lemon can help with food cravings (per

Why should I care? You should care about drinking water and keeping your weight under control because obesity is a leading contributor to diseases and conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and so much more. If something as simple as drinking enough water each day can help you keep your weight under control, it seems like this would be a no brainer thing to do.

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3 Great Tips For Daily Water Intake

1. Know how much water to drink. According to, ½ to 1 ounce of water per pound of your body weight is recommended. If you sweat a great deal, you may need more. If you live in a cold area and live a rather sedentary life (i.e., little movement), you many need less. So a 220 lb. person should drink between 110 and 220 ounces, which equals 3.25 to 6.5 liters of water a day. According to, another way to know if you are getting enough water is to check the color of your urine. It should be clear or light yellow.

You can drink too much water. It is rare, but there is a condition known as hyponatremia. You can read about it on, it is essentially having too little sodium in your system because of too much water.

2. Use a one liter water bottle and alarm. Try starting each morning with a one liter bottle of water and use alarms to make sure you get your proper intake. For example, if you need to drink four liters a day, set an alarm for 9 a.m., 12 noon, 3 p.m., and 6 p.m. Aim to drink a liter of water before each alarm or finish your liter shortly after the alarm. I recommend that you limit how much you drink after 6 p.m. to also limit how much you get up in the middle of the night to urinate. What goes in, must come out … smile.

3. Drink strategically. Make sure you drink water before and after exercising to help prevent muscle cramps and help with joint lubrication. Drink before meals to help with appetite suppression or to help you feel full. Drink cold water because the body burns calories to essentially cool it down, and cold water is normally more refreshing.

So, in answer to the question, “Can I lose weight by drinking water”? – yes. In so doing, you will improve your ability to control your weight and improve your health. Use the tips above to make sure you enjoy the benefits of drinking water.

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