Getting in Shape After 40

Getting in shape after 40 is all about providing quality and helpful information about getting in shape after the age of 40. Even though we will focus on those who are over the age of 40, those under the age of 40 will receive great benefit from this site as well.

By “getting in shape,” we mean having enough health and energy to enjoy your life. For some, “in shape” is the ability to run a marathon. While for others, it is a matter of being able to keep up with the grandchildren in the playground.

site picThe reason we chose the age of 40 is because those of us who have made it to 40 know that our bodies go through a serious change at or around this age. Weather it is biological or mental, every 40 year old knows that 40 feels much different than 30 and even more different than 20 years old.

As can be expected, being motivated enough to stay with healthy and comfortable eating and exercising routines is of foundational importance. Without motivation, you will start but then stop, before you get the results that you are after.  Make sure you read the articles in the “How to Stay Motivated.”

Developing and maintaining healthy eating habits is extremely important. In fact, some have said that healthy eating makes up as much as 80% of your over all health. Think about how it is much easier to simply avoid 500 calories than it is to burn off 500 calories. Click here to read about “Healthy Eating Habits.”

As important as healthy eating habits are, there is no way around the importance of exercising. We will discuss the importance of strength training, aerobics, and flexibility training, in the exercising tips category. Click here to read about my exercising tips.

Getting in shape after 40 is possible, and this website is going to help you do it!!!!